Diesel engineThe world technologies of fuel injection of the most eco-friendly, noiseless and effective diesel engines are constantly developing. The technology i-ART, developed by DENSO, is used in the diesel engines of the new generation, and first in the world the pressure sensors are installed in every nozzle.

How can you optimize the fuel injection?

The inflammation of fuel in the diesel engines occurs during its injection in the compressed air of the combustion chamber. Therefore, the time of injection and the amount of fuel have a significant impact on the engine characteristics. So, the high precision of 2014 tundra headlights control of the fuel injection is the key to achieving the maximum engine performance.

The tiny pressure sensors, built in every nozzle, monitor the process of injection. As the fuel injection occurs up to 1000 times a second, the technology i-ART fixes the changes of fuel pressure and temperature in all nozzles to provide the optimal control of the fuel quantity and the time of its injection. As a result, the engine works quieter, the level of harmful gas emissions reduces, and the fuel economy increases. According to their characteristics, the power units, equipped with this technology, belong to the most modern in the world.