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2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Longhorn Edmonton Review

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I start here I’m really excited about one of our new models called the Dodge Ram long war is our premium model comes 0.5 times recorder time and one time. Where today we’re gonna look at the house on model particular which comes as you can see here as a crew cab. Hello. One of the first things I noticed about the longhorn edition is a distinctive style. This truck is available in a few different colors but they all have specific grams markings. And unique interior designs. I’m not a real cowboy. But I kind of feel like one when I’m driving one of these. Look at the satellite or even if you don’t usually like western sort of cowboy stylings. I think you’re gonna like the look and feel the strike if you don’t like the I Ching you can get the struck without it. But in the saddle style buckles. Stitching Mrs truck luxury at its best. On the exterior knows the painted boards.

Dodge RamNew unique wheels. Now the truck itself is based on a very popular Laramie model which is our top the wine trim package. New led light – http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-ram/headlights.html more info. Which means the only way this thing comes in with lots of goodies. Now I can spend half an hour talking about the technical aspects of this product. But this is just a quick video let me say that the independent rear suspension this new truck has makes it ride in hand. Siri yes you. The power comes from a 390 horsepower 5.7 liter hemi V8, With fuel saving MDS system. It’s made with a smooth shifting all new 6 speed automatic transmission.

Very well equipped features like heated and cooled leather seats heated steering wheel dual zone climate control navigation system went back up camera just check out how easy it is to back up to a trailer. Another cool option the struck house. Is the integrator brake controller basically uses all the technology of the truck. To adjust the breaking as necessary. And if you had the remote starter when the outside temperature is below freezing struck a smart enough to turn on the heated seats and he is doing well. Bottom line this truck is at home when you check in pencil on the back 40 grabbed a latte downtown. While they are like spotlighted thanks to their unit time to watch this video will continue.

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How To Replace Fix Headlights Chrysler

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And next time any parts of your vehicle. Think of one iota.com. Thanks. In this video will show you how to replace the headlights were service the bold and the headlights and this 2000 for Chrysler Sebring. It’s a sedan it’s pretty much the same operation for the convertible as well and it’s applicables for model year 2004 through 6. The items that you need or a new set headlights morning auto an 8 millimeters socket ratchet and a small flat blade screwdriver.

Headlights ChryslerMaybe you’re looking to change the bulbs or maybe you want to put a new set of headlights in because years are clouded don’t fade like this car you can see new set of headlights one out about com clears things up. If you’re having trouble seeing at night or you just want your card a little better. New set headlights from one a lot about com help you out site chrysler 300 headlights. Locate the 28 millimeter bolts that hold headlight in place. There and towards the corner. Using my 8 millimeter socket and ratchet to remove those bolts on the head fast for they do that. Take the headlight pull it out I need with a little bit push down. And then pull out.

Go ahead and zoom in on the 2 connectors in the back. Right there on using a small flat blade screwdriver pry up. And then pull out on that socket. And on the other one you can find a little maroon clipped you need you set flat blade screwdriver again. Pride that out and then with your finger pressing on the tab and disconnected. Alright if you’re just looking to service the headlight molds. A twist type socket and the bull just pull straight out. And the ball just get pushed right back in nam. As for the main headlight beam.

It’s got a. Circular disk that goes around and holds it in place when you get that out bold assembly and socket as you can see they are all one piece. Going back and he won a one line up the tabs. On the socket and with the housing and then put the circular locking collar back on. And with this bold again twist the socket and pull the ball about. Bold goes back in straight and then twists and. And I’m going in with the headlight whether you’re replacing it. With a new one from one A. auto were putting back in after servicing the bulbs you gonna want to connect you 2 connectors. You took apart and then slide it in place.

And make sure that the holes at the top with a 2 mounting bolts on the line up with the front and there. And drop your long bulletin the inboard side. And a short bald goes over back by the sender. And on the go ahead fast towards a tightens up. To align your headlights she’s either clockwise or counter clockwise on that’s grew to raise them or let them.

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Diesel engines with the technology i-ART.

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Diesel engineThe world technologies of fuel injection of the most eco-friendly, noiseless and effective diesel engines are constantly developing. The technology i-ART, developed by DENSO, is used in the diesel engines of the new generation, and first in the world the pressure sensors are installed in every nozzle.

How can you optimize the fuel injection?

The inflammation of fuel in the diesel engines occurs during its injection in the compressed air of the combustion chamber. Therefore, the time of injection and the amount of fuel have a significant impact on the engine characteristics. So, the high precision of 2014 tundra headlights control of the fuel injection is the key to achieving the maximum engine performance.

The tiny pressure sensors, built in every nozzle, monitor the process of injection. As the fuel injection occurs up to 1000 times a second, the technology i-ART fixes the changes of fuel pressure and temperature in all nozzles to provide the optimal control of the fuel quantity and the time of its injection. As a result, the engine works quieter, the level of harmful gas emissions reduces, and the fuel economy increases. According to their characteristics, the power units, equipped with this technology, belong to the most modern in the world.

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Samsung has plans for Magneti Marelli.

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Magneti MarelliItalian automotive supplier Magneti Marelli can become the property of the Korean giant.
Daughter of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Samsung can be purchased for $ 3 billion. Proposal for the acquisition of unit is considered more than a year.

Recently, negotiations have entered an active phase that brings the prospect of buying by Samsung 100-year-old manufacturer of automotive components from Italy. Previously the sum of the transaction at the level of 2.5 bln. Euro was offered, but FCA evaluates its division in the amount of not less than 3 bln. Dollars.

Magneti Marelli S.p.A. engaged in the production of automotive components for conveyor deliveries to production models of cars, auto parts market and acts as a technical partner of sports teams Ferrari, Renault, Toyota, Toro Rosso and Red Bull. The company has 56 factories, 36 centers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

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Paint thickness gauge, how to choose?

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Paint thickness gaugeDamaged or not? It is the main question buying a second-hand car. Identify hidden damage of the body is possible in various ways, but lately consumers are increasingly beginning to use thickness gauges. These are special devices that allow you to measure the thickness of paint. However, not all of them are equally effective.

Magnetic thickness gauge. The body of the device has hidden magnet, which is mechanically connected with an arrow-pointer. As closer the magnet is to the metal, so greater is its attraction and greater the angle of deflected arrow.

Electromagnetic thickness gauge. These devices operate on the basis of the Hall sensors or on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Eddy current thickness gauges. The eddy currents create their own opposing electromagnetic fields that can be measured by the primary or secondary winding. Such devices are used for highly conductive surfaces, in particular, made of non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, which is used in high-end car brands: Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, etc.).
There are also ultrasonic thickness gauges that measure the time until the arrival of the reflected ultrasound pulse.

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